How To Reach a Greater Audience by Accepting Credit Cards For Your NFT Mint

Credit Cards? NFTs? You heard right! Reach all of those without a wallet by accepting credit cards.

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by Dennis
How To Reach a Greater Audience by Accepting Credit Cards For Your NFT Mint

I know, you might think credit cards and NFTs may not go well together, but it turns out they are a great fit! Imagine reaching all of those users who might want to buy your NFT but don't have a wallet or simply don't want to go through the hassle of creating one and purchasing crypto currency.

Our Pro members are now able to add credit card support in no time. Thanks to our partnership with Crossmint it's as simple as can be! Let me show you how you can accept credit cards for your mint.

Crossmint Setup


We start at your contract page, which means your collection should already be generated and your contract deployed. If you're not that far yet, check out our previous guides on how to create a collection.

From here we click on Set Up under the Accept Credit Cards section. A window will open and guide you through the steps, which are explained in more detail in this article.

Creating a Crossmint Account


Head over to the Crossmint console and sign in, if you don't have an account there already, create one. It's super quick!



Crossmint must comply with US regulations, so it is required that every developer/ seller verifies themselves. The verification process is handled by a third party software and doesn't take longer than a few minutes. You probably know the drill already.

Crossmint Collection


Now we need to create a new collection in the Crossmint console. After verification, you should be back on the main page where you should see a green button with the label New Collection in the top right. Click it!

Now depending on the blockchain your collection is on the next steps differ slightly...



The process is very simple for Solana collections! First fill out your collection name and description. The optional fields are, well, optional. You don't have to fill them out!

When you get to the field Candy Machine ID head back to your contract on JustMint, if you haven't already, click on Collection Details in the popup window.

This is what you should be seeing now...


To copy your Candy Machine ID, simply click on the field containing the long random looking string. Now head back to the Crossmint console and paste your ID into the specified field.



When using a contract on the Ethereum blockchain, we have to fill out a few more details. Don't worry, it's still very easy! As with the Solana settings, make sure to fill out your collection name and description. You can leave the optional fields empty if you like to.

When you get to the field Contract Address go back to your contract page on JustMint. Again, if you haven't done so already, click on Collection Details in the popup window.


This might look intimidating at first, but you just have to copy/ paste some values around. You see that every value here corresponds to a value in the Crossmint console. They even share the exact same names! Simply click each field to copy the value and paste it into the corresponding fields in your Crossmint console.

Almost done..


After clicking on Create Collection you should see this screen. In the top you will see your ClientID, it is the field highlighted in blue. Copy the value ( only the part after ClientID: ) and go back to your JustMint tab.

If the popup window still shows the collection details, simply click on the "Client ID" button...


Now paste the value you have copied earlier into the field and hit save. That's it! Your minting website will now automatically show a Mint with Credit Card button! 🎉

After you users mint with their credit card, they will immediately be able to see their NFT. They can sign into the Crossmint console and export their NFT at any time. The funds from the mint will be sent to you, the creator of the contract.

I hope this was helpful! If you still have questions...

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